Weather forecasts in Reno warned of a snowstorm down to 3500 ft starting at noon on Saturday. I'd driven up the working day prior to and was now checked out of my motel and waiting for my daughter, Heather, to consider her math final at two p.m. before leaving on Christmas split from the University of Nevada-Reno. She and her school buddy, Brittany… Read More

There is absolutely nothing much better than 1 of the fantastic fried rooster recipes. Or perhaps I ought to say there is nothing much better than great fried rooster. It's so great, crunchy and juicy all at the same time--and so fulfilling. Where do you get yours? I like Popeyes or KFC. But have you ever attempted to make it? In reality it's not a… Read More

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Diabetes is when there is as well a lot glucose (sugar) in your blood. Now if it had been as easy as that statement. Diabetic issues is a severe healthcare situation that can lead to heart illness, strokes, blindness, higher blood stress, kidney disease, amputation due to bad blood circulation and even loss of life. So as you see diabetes is not as… Read More

Try these simple recipes for Snickers ice cream pie, the Barefoot Contessa's salted caramel brownies, S'Mores cookie bars, frozen cappuccino chocolate cake, or festive peppermint red velvet whoopie pies.Mackenzie owned a cafe in East Sussex, England known as The Hungry Monk and Dowding was the chef. Dowding apparently believed of the idea after see… Read More